Poggio de' Colli IGT

Poggio de' Colli

Viti dell'Erta derives its name from a particular part of the vineyard which presents a steep slope where we have decided to produce this "Rosato di Carmignano", also locally called "Vin Ruspo"; it is obtained by a manual selection of Sangiovese grapes with additions of other grapes growing in Carmignano production area; this wine represents for Piaggia the last frontier to give the consumer a wine historically produced in Carmignano Medicean territory and whose tradition and knowledge is still today handed on by farmers.

Particularly suited as appetizer and to be served with fish dishes and first courses, Viti dell' Erta exactly reflects Piaggia's philosophy: allowing the consumer to taste a new product with all the characteristics that nature offers in this spot of Tuscany.