Piaggia Olio Toscano

Piaggia Carmignano DOCG
The Piaggia olive grove is situated in the Carmignano territory and contains four varieties of excellent quality olives: 50% Frantoio and 50% divided between Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino.
The olives are hand-picked and cold-pressed on the same day with a continuous press in our oil mill.
The new oil is clear, with a green colour and golden highlights. The aroma is fresh and fruity, clean, with a clear olive flavour, but rich in herbaceous aromas where artichokes and hints of almonds
dominate. The flavour is ample and harmonious with vegetal notes of artichokes and, to a slightly lesser extent, of tomato and celery. A light and balanced bitterish note adds vivacity to the palate. It is excellent drizzled raw on soups, salads, pulses, bruschettas or crudités.

Classification: IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Production area: Carmignano
Altitude: 300 mt.
Cultivars: frantoio, moraiolo, pendolino, leccino
Cultivation: mixed
Harvest: from the end of October to mid November
Harvest method: hand picked
Crushing: the olives are crushed within 24 hours of picking
Extraction system: cold extraction in a continuous press
Yield: 15/18%
Acidity: 0,20 in oleic acid
Best before: use within 18 months of the processing date